Easter Update

Happy Easter 

So what should you being doing financially in April…

For businesses it is again Bas time for the March quarter. The tax agent extension date due is 28/4/17 if you are lodging it with us as your tax agent.

Now is also a great time to review using your accounting software well, perhaps consider if you are wasting any time, not utilising the software well or have a review by us to make sure you are doing everything right. Consider setting budgets to steer you to your goals.  If you do not use accounting software see us to consider if it is time to take the big step of implementing accounting software for the first time. More help here. Also would you like to improve the way your business is going, we can help with our business improvement service.

It is nearly time for the 20k immediate deduction for small business equipment to end. So make sure if you need some equipment and have too much profit this year ending 30/6/17 go out and get it before 30/6/17.

For everybody If you haven’t already done your 2016 tax return it is now due, April is your last month to do, to get it in by the May 2017 tax agent deadline and to avoid being late and possible penalties. See us soon if you need to do 2016, book in for individuals here.

Minimise your tax review

Now is the right time to touch base with us about a review to see if you can do more to minimise your taxes. It gives us some time to see your tax position for the year ending 30/6/17 and guide you to possible strategy to a more tax effective position for you. More about our tax minimisation service here.

Super changes or establish self managed super funds

Last month we mentioned the super changes and how you should be ready for the changes, if you missed here they are again –super changes 2017. Also now is about the time to make a move if you are considering a self managed super fund. More about our service here. Self managed super funds explained simply .

Is there such a thing as job security anymore

Unfortunately, the job market is Adelaide is weak and I seeing many many clients lose work or feel their job security is at an all time low. As a result many people are considering new business ideas and ventures. We also proudly offer new business advice if you are just starting in business or about to start. More about our new business advice service here.

Coming up soon federal Budget time

I am looking forward to bringing you the latest budget announcements in May. It seems like the some issues are being discussed like removal of negative gearing and young people accessing super to buy homes. Both of these are unlikely to happen in this budget anyway. And will super continue to be changed?

My personal view is that Gst should be more closely audited and controlled.

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At Tax Accounting Adelaide we can help your Business use accounting to grow your business

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