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Improving Your Sales Meeting Conversion tips for Business

tips to improve your sales meeting conversions Here are some tips on the topic how to successfully turn your sales or lead meeting into more new business Have a good preparation for your meeting, including having a standard question base to do a great needs analysis on the client, this will sell you well as…

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Systems that work for Business

Tips on having great little systems that work for your business Have you ever wondered why some of your simplest business systems are often the best. This month, our business networking group discussed ways of they use systems to help their businesses. Here are what some other businesses do that works for them: use job…

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How cloud-based changed accountants’ life?

Before the arrival of could-based accounting software, accountants enjoyed the spreadsheet which allows them to quickly analyse data sets, compare past records and forecast future events. With the development of cloud technology, the way accountants will work, the skills they need and the roles they perform in future are changed in various aspects to accommodate…

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