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Sales growth tips

How to grow your sales   Here are some tips from our business networking discussion on the topic of what to do to grow sales. Have a marketing plan and plan your marketing strategy. Funnel people towards your web presence, e-mail,  appointment, phone and sales conversions. Attack the different ways of attracting new clients such…

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Setting your goals for the new year

Setting your new goals for a fantastic new year. Surprisingly Many business owners do not review the success of their year or even set goals to succeed in the new year. Do not let this be you and it is nt too late to not only set some goals for a fabulous year, but have…

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How To Get New Clients Month After Month After Month

Well you are invited to an initial no obligation meeting to join our monthly business networking referral club at Tax Accounting Adelaide  202 Gorge Road Newton  on the second Friday of every month 730am to 845am Includes breakfast, coffee & tea, networking So what we will do is meet regularly giving you a chance to…

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