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We Have All Your Business Tax Accounting Covered!

Running a business can be time consuming and if you are like most business owners, you want to spend your time improving sales and looking at the big picture. Your relationship with your accountant should provide you with clarity and satisfaction that you are structured in a way that best suits your circumstances and sheds…

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7 Ways to refer to us

7 ways to refer to us We are looking for genuine referral partners Can you help? Well I am giving you a video explaining 7 ways to refer to me. We love to work with the following situations… 1 -New business Starts and advice If you meet a new business owner give them this Tip…

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Bookkeeping by Spreadsheets versus accounting software

Should you move from spreadsheets to accounting software… Why should I move from spreadsheet bookkeeping to using accounting software? I am often asked when businesses are new or fairly new, if they should do their bookkeeping in a spreadsheet and probably not sure why using accounting software like Xero could actually be beneficial. Yes doing…

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