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How to Build Credibility

At our recent business networking meeting our members discussed how to create credibility in your business or professional role. Here are some of their ideas and tips: To keep your focus on value not price. Have a good online presence via positive reviews and people website with social media presence Find ways to add value…

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Key factor to your business success

The key factor is to have a specific target market. The more you narrow down your search the more distinguishable you are. It will also be easier to market to the smaller target market especially online and make you ¬†more memorable. You also can elevate prices when you are an authority for a specialized area.…

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How to develop a marketing database for your business?

A marketing database is simply an electronic system processing your customer relationships, transactions and contact detail all in one. If you have a client list that contains your customers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and sales information, then it is not difficult to turn it into a database without costing too much (normally less than $1000).…

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How cloud-based changed accountants’ life?

Before the arrival of could-based accounting software, accountants enjoyed the spreadsheet which allows them to quickly analyse data sets, compare past records and forecast future events. With the development of cloud technology, the way accountants will work, the skills they need and the roles they perform in future are changed in various aspects to accommodate…

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Do you need to outsource your finance and accounting services?

Why outsource? There are various reasons why firms should shifting financial operations to outside providers. For a new firm just start up, to employ a full-time accountant or bookkeeper is not necessary or not affordable. An international company with mobile workers in Australia, it is not sensible to incur too much cost on office premises…

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How to deal with customer complaints

Tips for business Recognise that threats to a customer’s self-esteem will cause negative emotions because they are normal people It is important to train the frontline staff how to satify customers Resolve the problems in early stage before it is too late Regard clients’ complaints as learning materials Ensure your senior frontline staff take the…

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