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How to get more sales from your website

How to get more sales from your website Do you have a website that really sells? If not here are some tips to make your website work better. Have your website traffic analysed, as to where visitors are tracking to. See where most interest is going and where they are abandoning. Are they clicking on…

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How A Registered Tax Agent Can Help You This Financial Year

You may believe your tax agent’s sole purpose is helping you with your tax return at the end of the financial year, however this is only part of the services they usually offer. In most cases and depending on your circumstances, they are able to offer valued support in other ways. Here are some of…

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Book keeping what to do in the new financial year

What to do at the start of the new financial year Here is a simple checklist to make sure you start your new financial year well and with good bookkeeping. Happy new financial year from Tax Accounting Adelaide. For help with your new financial new year call for an appointment on 08 83374460 or book…

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Nine benefits of web blogging for small businesses

By Romeo Caporaso Small business owners often ask me, “Should I create a blog?” Or say, “I’m busy enough. And what should I write about?” For my business, I’ve seen the difference that blogging makes to building trust, reputation, website visitors, and ultimately sales. And I’m not alone.  Clients tell me that they’ve generated business…

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Getting your staff right and retained

How to hire the right staff Here is some guidance on how to hire good staff and make it work well for your business. clearly define a role with the position description spend time developing staff managing a business sounds very hard but is hard if you have to do it all your self share…

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Simple ways to save on losing money on bad debts

How to avoid bad debts Here are some tips on the topic how to avoid nasty bad debts: It’s very important to have an engagement letter which outlines your price and scope of services fully, make sure this is legally signed before you proceed work. Include a clause which states that you will pass on…

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