10 Quick Low Cost Ways to Stop Sales Dropping

  1. Use quiet times to plan some marketing.
  2. Join a club, be sociable and tell them what you do.
  3. Ask for referrals, make it a process to do so every time.
  4. Visit or call existing clients, talk to them often if will give you work.
  5. Revisit existing clients rather than chasing new clients all the time. Have existing clients got or mentioned any appointments you can help them with.
  6. Set up a Business Page on Facebook, get likes, schedule updates mentioning anything about your business like tips, updates. But do not sell all the time.
  7. Put up some more signage, especially if you are on a main road, a good AFrame will payback your investments for sure.
  8. Set up a Linkedin profile. Put up update status every second day. All your contacts will see it and you stay in their minds.
  9. Attend business networking events.
  10. Build referral partnerships with key people you know. Aligned with getting the same type of clients as you. For example, as an accountant I can easily refer to bankers, financial planners, depreciation report. Make a list and make a coffee time with them.

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