23 ways to lose clients fast

Is losing clients or customers a challenge for you a the moment?

here are some tips on what not to do.

  1. Broken promises
  2. Fail to deliver or an inflated sales process
  3. Changing your own business owner structure or change in ownership structure of the clients
  4. Perceived high price for value
  5. Poor service
  6. Slow to respond
  7. Embarrassing website
  8. Failure to recognize urgency of requests
  9. Not taking action quickly when relationship is getting cold
  10. Multiple stakeholders can lead to sudden disloyalty
  11. Handling complaints poorly
  12. Poor handover of information throughout the business
  13. Poor systems or forms
  14. Repeated changes in staff or systems
  15. Not enough car-parking
  16. Cluttered shop appearance or poor presentation of staff
  17. Lack of compassion
  18. Rudeness or inability to make pleasant conversation
  19. Disorganised information capturing process
  20. Not remembering anything about your customer or capturing information about them. Like saying have you been here before, and they have been your customer for ten years.
  21. Asking annoying questions or not sensing client wants to keep it professional.
  22. Giving poor advice or omitting important information.
  23. Forgetting what the clients primary need was. Clients often want a primary solution solved but over time this can get lost sight of.

Good luck on effectively reducing client or customer loss in your business.

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