Cloud Accounting

So what is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting is a move to accounting software which is internet based. So you can share easily and timely which your financial advisers and accountant. It tends to be simpler and faster saving you time, so you can get on with better things in your business. An example is most can feed in transactions from your bank, saving you processing time as all you need to do is code the dated amount to an account.

What small businesses like you are thinking?

According to a survey done by CCH – an accounting software provider, 63% of small and medium businesses would consider to have their accountant perform the roles with a cloud-based accounting system and 53% revealed they would replace the current accountant if they are unwilling to move to cloud technology. This represents a trend that an increasing number of small and medium business owners have started and is considering using cloud-based accounting tools such as Xero, which secures their central role in managing clients’ financial book work and they can re-focus on giving valuable advisory services.

So here are the top reasons why accountants favour about cloud accounting?

• Access to improved reporting

• Reduced overall costs on purchasing hardware and accounting software

• Easily scalable as clients grow or needs change

• Gain access from multiple locations

• The chance of losing clients’ documents and data is minimised

• Time saved on updating accounting software

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