Getting word of mouth referrals

How to get word of mouth and referrals

Here are some little tweaks to boost your referrals from word of mouth.

  • Be clear to people that you are taking on new clients
  • When asked how you are doing in your business, say you are busy but you can always do with new clients
  • Make it a point in your experience with clients to make it a system to ask for referrals
  • Ask for referrals in your e-mail signature
  • Ask do you know someone in the same situation as you, can I contact them
  • Have a process to obtain reviews from your fans
  • Make Google your friend and get online leads
  • Notice any bad media and respond to it
  • Follow-up any buying signal or query with a call or coffee meeting
  • Try some club marketing, pick a hobby you love choose a club that does it, then go there and meet people telling them what you do. If you are consistently there this will bring you results
  • Focus on your network which refers, spend more time on the ones that do to refer to you. Have a thank you system and maybe even rewards or incentives
  • Meet the clients of your referral partners at seminars or functions
  • Ask for referrals in social situations or daily life situations such as going to the shopping centre
  • Your referral systems must be consistent and you must do them on your whole clients
  • The consistently good service which differentiates you will provide you quick referrals
  • Tell people the stories about your raving fan clients. They will probably be easy to remember and they will even tell others for you without them even knowing they are referring to you.


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