Getting your staff right and retained

How to hire the right staff

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Here is some guidance on how to hire good staff and make it work well for your business.

  • clearly define a role with the position description
  • spend time developing staff
  • managing a business sounds very hard but is hard if you have to do it all your self
  • share the big picture with your staff this involvement will help you retain their loyalty
  • love your staff as much as you love customers and be approachable to them
  • happy people are retained people. Be flexible and do not just be a boss
  • have a plan each day to delegate, leaving your staff nothing to do when you are too busy is no good for either you or your staff.
  • have a monthly breakfast away from work with staff as a teambuilding, idea generating exercise
  • commit and believe in yourself that you can have good stuff. Do not make the mistake of thinking I can never teach everything I know to some staff. You can. The sooner you do it the quicker you can delegate things and have more time to grow your business in other areas
  • keep yourself motivated by you, it will lead your staff as well
  • never be discouraged if someone hasn’t worked out well as staff, keep trying as you will eventually attract the right staff and you may be developing your self better to train the right staff person.

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