How to Business Network Better

Tips on Getting More out of your Business Networking from Experienced Business Owners

Business networking as you may know can be an inexpensive and powerful effective method to grow not just your sales but you whole business.

At Tax Accounting Adelaide’s recently monthly business networking event, our members had these tips to share:

  • Make friends with people on LinkedIn, then send them a follow up email.
  • Go to Business Networking Events, arrange a follow up meeting. Find commonalities to get to know them. See if you can become a referral alliance.
  • Keep at it for a long time. It doesn’t bear fruit immediately. Have a meaningful conversation about anything, make them feel important. If they are thinking you are a nice person and have your card, they may call when they need you.
  • Don’t show up and throw up. Don’t be overselling or throw cards out when people are not requesting.
  • Don’t sell at Business Network, a softer approach works best.
  • Having a unique offer will distinguish you. Personalising your service takes you away from the price war.
  • Ten points plan your efforts, have a target of contacts to meet or follow up. Leave information but don’t be too pushy either. People don’t often think thank god you came today, so just aim to make them remember you and what you do.
  • Brand yourself as an expert with information such as web content. Be consistent across your web and social media.
  • Advertising may be too costly and ineffective. So get out and meet people, business to business. It works best to sell in person, remember you and what you do.
  • Persevere; Listen to your clients and open them up to them.
  • Ask for referrals. Although obvious this is not often done.
  • Convince customers there is more to the service level than just a simple price.
  • How you handle your complaints and difficult customers can get you referrals. Why? Because they see the best of you and how good your service can really be.
  • Know your target market. Your business networking is more effective when you have a well deferred target market.
  • Have an umbrella of referral network partners, e.g. a personal trainer- nutritionist, doctor, physiologist etc. Meet them and see them often.
  • Spend money with your clients and refer to them. It will educate them to do the same.
  • Mention what you do casually at any opportunities, e.g. church, supermarket, car crash.

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