How to deal with customer complaints

Tips for business

  • Recognise that threats to a customer’s self-esteem will cause negative emotions because they are normal people
  • It is important to train the frontline staff how to satify customers
  • Resolve the problems in early stage before it is too late
  • Regard clients’ complaints as learning materials
  • Ensure your senior frontline staff take the responsibility to solve the problem and are familiar with conflict resolution
  • Make an apology when you are wrong, it do help solve the problem

A five-step recovery plan if issues arise

1. Clarify the issue and apologize in order to retain the client for further corporation

2. Listen to the client carefully, then reply to make sure that you understand the situation

3. Resolve the problem. If can not be resolved at that moment, arrange a suitable time to solve later

4. If promise something to the client, stick to it

5. Make sure each party is satisfying on the final result after the problem being solved

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