How to keep your business plan active and easy to use and keep up to date.

Have you ever produced a business plan, you are excited and proud of producing the business plan? However it got put on a shelf and gathered dust. Or worse still you never found it again. Here’s some quick tips to help you have a business plan which can be easy to keep up-to-date and actually a business tool to drive your business forward.


We do not recommend you use a template for your business plan. We recommend you make it your way with your terminology and your hierarchy. The more it is YOU the more it is easy to keep up to date. However you can look at business plan templates as a guide to what information you should include in your business plan. But do keep in mind that templates are not your format, and are typically harder to keep live and up to date.


Make sure your business plan contains a swot analysis which he strands weaknesses opportunities and threats. Make sure you have action plans to address each of them such as your weaknesses.


The business plan must contain mission vision and values. You should also implement into your decisions, your staff should abide by them too and have them on your external communications such as your website.


Have a simple map of where you were going and what you need to. Give yourself time frames of when you can complete things by. Assess your success on doing a certain action. Give yourself a reward if you’ve done something well that was highly effective.


Have some accountability tools. Set yourself some financial goals with sales goals.


Use software you are most familiar with and enjoy working with it to create it your way with your words and your hierarchy. For instance one note is a very flexible software, enabling hierarchies, multimedia, quick to access a multiple devices, easy to find and search for things. It is really important that it’s quick to get to it, to maximize your ability to reuse it and keep it up-to-date.


Map your role and others around you and what you will need to do. Where do you see you’re all going in the future and what you need to do to change it to be that way. And where does that leave the roles of others once you’ve delegated that.


Check the legal applications of what your business operations will be such as having a grease trap in the food industry and have you allocated enough funds for this equipment.


A good business plan should push you to achieve and be accountable for certain actions and to meet objectives.


If your performance has slipped look at the reasons why things have changed and set actions to improve them.