How to Save Time?

Our recent business networking meeting discussed the topic of how to save time. Our business owners gave us their tips on how to save time in our professional lives.

  • Train and delegate to staff. Discipline yourself to begin to show your staff how to do things and eventually they will be able to take care of things for you and hence save you time.
  • Do it now. There were times when something is simple and easy to handle once and to immediately.
  • Doing it right the first time. Whether it be measuring something up correctly or anything else, doing it correctly the first time will save time in after work.
  • Step back and plan your job. Having a simple plan or things to do list can increase your productivity and save you time. In fact always go by a list, prioritize and do your activities In order of importance.
  • Have a practice run or dummy run of new processes and procedures.
  • Make your office functional. Put or take equipment where it works best. An example given was a service provider invoices on the road, said he saves time by having the ability to electronically invoice in his van rather than return back to the office to do.
  • Be aware of the way your time is spent. Once you have this knowledge you can begin to look at the culprits taking up too much of your time and attempt to save time in those areas.
  • Eliminate unnecessary activity such as deleting old e-mails or don’t watch too much TV .
  • Value of top priorities spend your time on those first.
  • Use software or equipment that can save you time such as dragon dictation which may save you typing time.
  • Using office scanning and paperless environment which can increase your workflow management and efficiency.
  • Speak to people who are successful at what you are doing and ask for their efficiency tips.
  • Look at systems and procedures with a fresh view with a view to improving their efficiency.
  • Have a file summary of your clients file, which can give you quick and valuable at a glance knowledge of your client rather than taking a long time to analyse and understand what can be in the file.
  • Use job or workflow software. This can save you the anxiety of not knowing which jobs need to be done and can make it efficient to delegate to staff.

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