How to stop dealing with a bad supplier from ever happening again

How not to be ripped off by a bad supplier

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Here are some quick lessons to consider so that you never again do business with a bad supplier:

  • ask around if anybody knows the person you’re potentially dealing doing business with
  • protect yourself by documenting processes and quotes especially if they have only been discussed or verbal
  • if it sounds too good to be true it probably is
  • research them on search engines, try searches such as a company name scams or company name reviews
  • beware of buying courses they may sell a big ticket to change a lot but only you can create the ticket to change in your life
  • always get three quotes
  • know when to walk away from a client or deal
  • ask people to give you names of people in the business of the service you need
  • do not judge supplies by price only, consider the total solution that they are giving

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