How videos can automate your website

How a simple you tube video has been a star on our website.

The following is a simple video we have on website.

It is one of the first videos we ever did, and probably not our best, yet it has been very popular with over 18,000 views. In it I explained how tax returns work. It would be hard to me to explain to thousands of people but through this simple video on you tube I have been able to. It’s saved me time and increase my reach to new listeners.

A simple video can help spread your message, while you are selling in person, it is also always ready for replay for a listener whenever they feel like watching or finding you.

Videos help people purchase.  It might just be, providing some valuable information and developing trust with a potential purchaser. In this case I am answering a commonly asked question.

How to make a video?

  • Use a phone or camera to make a video
  • Sign up to you tube and upload your video and add the details of video
  • Embed your you tube onto your website or Share it directly at you tube.

Spread the word of your video such as through social media, and e-mails. In this case you could also use it as an efficient way to answer commonly asked question in your business.

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