Key factor to your business success

The key factor is to have a specific target market. The more you narrow down your search the more distinguishable you are. It will also be easier to market to the smaller target market especially online and make you  more memorable. You also can elevate prices when you are an authority for a specialized area. Imagine a loving BMW owner,  would he preferred to hear you saying you fix all makes and models or specialise in BMW maintenance? Make sure you can communicate. What is different about you and can give examples of the great solutions you give your target market.

Don’t be too broad, I once heard a person in information technology say a good referrer for me is anyone with a computer! If you make this more targeted such as graphic design business owners, who needs expansion, repairs and servicing to Mac computers in Adelaide. Then people will be able to think about real people they know with those attributes and much more likely to refer to you.

Once you have narrowed your target market, you can say interesting and engaging selling propositions about yourself whenever you tell people what you do. This may be at business networking events or at a local soccer game or church.

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