New business top 8 things not to do

Are you starting business?

Here are my top eight things not to do:

  1. Do a business you are passionate about … not one you just want to make money from.
  2. Get it flying and start, don’t wait. Do not wait until everything is perfect to start and don’t procrastinate a start too.
  3. Don’t try to do multiple activities at the start.  Get good and effective at one at a time or at least one first.
  4. Don’t over rely on others to send you business such as referrals, websites or business cards at the start. Get out and make it happen yourself. Your activity will create energy, rather than spending money and hoping for results at the early stags of your business.
  5. Don’t do it all alone. Imagine the pizza owner who markets the pizza, answers the phone, makes the pizza and delivers the pizza. Its impossible right. Well some new business owners try to do this. Get help it can be all around, advisers, mentors, masterminds, colleagues, staff, cadets, part timers, delegating, outsourcing or even work experience people can give that vital bit of help that stops you doing it all yourself.
  6. Don’t take on new partners lightly. It is a big decision or equivalent to a partner marriage but in business. Try doing small projects first. If you progress through those and do have a business partner have agreements which clearly plan for anything that may go wrong in the business partnership.
  7. Do not cry alone in business. Often new business owners feel like their family does not understand their business worries. Get out and talk to others in your industry regularly like a mentor, talk to the people in your business, get coaching or training, read books to improve your skills. Get out of your comfort zone.
  8. Do not be too vague in the clients you are targeting. If your target is anyone in business or anyone with a computer for instance it is way to vague. No one will know who to refer to you and your marketing messages are doomed to fail. New businesses with a clearer more defined target market can progress to a better start than those who do not.

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Good luck on your new business.

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