Sales growth tips

How to grow your sales


Here are some tips from our business networking discussion on the topic of what to do to grow sales.

  • Have a marketing plan and plan your marketing strategy. Funnel people towards your web presence, e-mail,  appointment, phone and sales conversions.
  • Attack the different ways of attracting new clients such as business networking, SEO, lead generation programs, social media and signage.
  • Have a sketch video which is short and quickly promotes your services prominently on your website.
  • Increase the specific target markets you have for your business.
  • Have at least a 10 point plan on sales attractions. Having only two or three is not enough.
  • Be active in the community. Go To a club or school you are passionate about and meet people. Tell them what to do in your business.
  • Look at successful people or businesses. What are they doing that you can emulate.
  • Improve all parts of your business operations
  • Run events such as seminars ,webinars or business working events



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