Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

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Is a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) right for you?

Are you a business owner, or high income earner, with a reasonable super balance?


Or do you already have a SMSF and want better returns and more guidance from your accounting partner?


As SMSF specialists, we know that one of the worst things to do in retirement in Australia is not to get behind your super and grow your wealth.


And one of the best things to do with superannuation is to own property and shares in your

Self-Managed Super Fund in retirement as it is not taxed on its earnings or capital gains.


We make it simple for you to have the financial framework required to create retirement wealth in a low tax environment.


Well done on being here and considering your superannuation, your wealth position and for doing all you can to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement.


We’re definitely seeing more people wanting to take control of their superannuation investment decisions and maximise their retirement income.


As business accountants, tax and SMSF specialists, we know that you can use accounting to grow your wealth.


You’ve worked hard to earn a living so why not let your money work hard for you and enjoy the spoils of being wise and savvy with your finances.

Benefit from our experience and fast track your SMSF performance.

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Self-Managed Super Fund Set Up and Advice

Whether you’re in the know about SMSFs or new to them, our aim is to make the advice, set up, management and reporting process as easy as possible.

While there’s multiple ways of setting up a SMSF, you want to ensure it’s done the right and maximised to give you the best returns.

The first step is taking the time to help you understand SMSFs, either from scratch, or build on your current knowledge, and answer any queries you may have.

Depending on your situation, we’ll then help you determine whether a SMSF is right for your circumstances.

SMSFs can be an excellent vehicle for minimising tax so we’ll take you through this and assess your current fund or ensure your new one, if that’s the path you choose, optimises your finances.

We’ll also explain the fees involved in setting up a SMSF and the ongoing costs so there are no surprises along the way.

Part of our service involves staying abreast of all the latest changes to SMSFs and how they affect you.

SMSFs have a range of benefits so we’re passionate about helping you understand:

How they can be used for creating more retirement wealth and improving your tax position.

If you own a business, you may wish to investigate using your super balance to invest in things like owning your business premises or making the funds work in other ways.

Tax Accounting Adelaide will encourage you to grow your super and retirement wealth investments and advise you how to effectively transfer your super wealth to your family, to take care of them later in life.

Arrange an appointment today to see if we’re the right partner for you to grow your Self-Managed Super Fund, minimise your tax and make your accounting simple and economical.


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Tax Accounting Adelaide handles all tax, accounting and Self-Managed Super Fund matters in the strictest of confidence.

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