Everybody are familiar with or at least heard about social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. According to the Social Media Report published by Sensis in 2011, approximately 2/3 of online Australians have some sort of social media presence, while only 14% small business have taken advantage of this channel to market themselves.

So what’s good about the social media for small business owners?

  • You can spread your ideas and information rapidly and effectively through social media instead of allocating money to mass-media advertising.
  • You can  just shout out your advertising messages and build strong communities and networkings around business.
  • Using these channels to have a better understanding of what your client’s really want and what they think of your organisation.
  • Lock your loyal customers and supporters who then will get other potential clients.
  • You can easily achieve your business image through establishing and editing your profile
  • You do not need to spend a fortune to establish and maintain it while you need to spend some time on it.
  • Small business has more flexibility and is capable to respond quickly to the audience.
  • You have the chance to listen your customers’ voice and enhance your service from it.

With the revolution of social media, take this great opportunity to market yourself effectively on a limited budget.

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