Systems that work for Business

Tips on having great little systems that work for your business

Have you ever wondered why some of your simplest business systems are often the best.
This month, our business networking group discussed ways of they use systems to help their businesses.

Here are what some other businesses do that works for them:

  • use job flow software, giving you the ability to know where every job is at, add billable items or time, produce invoices, delegate and overview progress. Also do not have a workflow system that not everybody can see where jobs are at.
  • use standard questions at new enquiry or lead stage, this converts you leads better as you are organised and professional.
  • Use a customer relationship database, ideally you should capture all interactions with clients and the system should launch into follow ups and starting work when leads are won.
  • Have a summary sheet to get a quick overview of your client, so a colleague can follow or just to give a more personalised service.
  • be paperless and have an office autopilot. Make this automate the work around to staff and collaboration with the client.
  • Have aftercare procedures, even after you have been paid to do the little things like thank them for being a customer, ask for referrals or feedback on work done.
  • Follow up complaints, most people do not say sorry and genuinely try to rectify the situation.

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