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Book keeping what to do in the new financial year

What to do at the start of the new financial year Here is a simple checklist to make sure you start your new financial year well and with good bookkeeping. Happy new financial year from Tax Accounting Adelaide. For help with your new financial new year call for an appointment on 08 83374460 or book…

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Improving Your Sales Meeting Conversion tips for Business

tips to improve your sales meeting conversions Here are some tips on the topic how to successfully turn your sales or lead meeting into more new business Have a good preparation for your meeting, including having a standard question base to do a great needs analysis on the client, this will sell you well as…

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Systems that work for Business

Tips on having great little systems that work for your business Have you ever wondered why some of your simplest business systems are often the best. This month, our business networking group discussed ways of they use systems to help their businesses. Here are what some other businesses do that works for them: use job…

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What To Do When You’re Not Generating Enough Leads

Is your business not getting enough new business leads? If so, do not panic, here are some things you can do. Review where you are spending most of your time, generally people not getting enough leads are spending not enough time on generating new leads. So try to take yourself out of the business and…

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Tips and Traps of Using Facebook for Business

Here are some tips on the topic of using Facebook for business. Let’s say that Facebook isn’t for everyone, but even if you do not have your own personal Facebook account – someone else can do this for your business provided it works for your business. Try delegating it to someone who loves facebook but…

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