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11 ways of getting new Leads

Quick tips on getting new leads Our business owners meet up recently discussed quick ways of getting new leads. Their ideas included: A well worded cold call e-mail which makes it obvious that you are a local train your staff well on what is a good lead and what to say to help convert the…

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how to exploit cold calling

What business owners say about cold calling Our business networking group Adelaide Referral and Knowledge Exchange discussed cold calling and ways to make cold calling work better for your business. Firstly, it is best if you cold call yourself or train staff to sell on your behalf rather than attempt to use an overseas telemarketing…

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What To Do When You’re Not Generating Enough Leads

Is your business not getting enough new business leads? If so, do not panic, here are some things you can do. Review where you are spending most of your time, generally people not getting enough leads are spending not enough time on generating new leads. So try to take yourself out of the business and…

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How to Build Credibility

At our recent business networking meeting our members discussed how to create credibility in your business or professional role. Here are some of their ideas and tips: To keep your focus on value not price. Have a good online presence via positive reviews and people website with social media presence Find ways to add value…

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