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Book keeping what to do in the new financial year

What to do at the start of the new financial year Here is a simple checklist to make sure you start your new financial year well and with good bookkeeping. Happy new financial year from Tax Accounting Adelaide. For help with your new financial new year call for an appointment on 08 83374460 or book…

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How to Build Credibility

At our recent business networking meeting our members discussed how to create credibility in your business or professional role. Here are some of their ideas and tips: To keep your focus on value not price. Have a good online presence via positive reviews and people website with social media presence Find ways to add value…

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Ways to Measure Business or Financial Performance

This month, our business networking group discussed ways of how to measure business or financial performance. This was a great discussion and revealed many new benchmark ways business owners are using to monitor the performance of a business or financial lives. Look at your profits and numbers, do this at least monthly or quarterly. Remember…

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Segregation of Duties for Small business Bookkeeping

Once your small business grows and you devote more time as well as effort into developing it, the sad reality is that you’ve got more to lose because of mistakes, dishonestly, and fraud. This is certainly of distinct importance with accounting and bookkeeping since they deal with controlling and tracking cash that comes in and goes out of your company. For instance, an unethical and experienced bookkeeper who was entirely responsible for all aspects of the bookkeeping for your small business could very easily rob money from your business and cover it up.

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How to pay employee superannuation tips

Take a quick lesson on How to pay employee superannuation in this video. Contact us for more assistance with your superannuation of employees on 08 8337 4460 Simpler one superannuation payment for all employees Break free with Tax Accounting Adelaide Services call us on 83374460 Sole trader, Partnership, Company and Trust Tax and BAS returns;…

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