Tips on How to Stay Motivated in Your Business or Professional Life

This month, our business networking group discussed ways of how to stay motivated in your business and career. This was a great discussion and revealed many of us having our ups and downs on the motivational front.

1.Keep a scoreboard at regular intervals such as monthly, sitting with someone else and discussing financial performances is a way to keep yourself motivated and accountable.
2.Keep your life balance, do not forget to look after your relationships and body too.
3.Take some time out and stop from time to time, have regular holidays, coffee , walking, get your hair done – whatever works for you.
4.Delegating more will keep you focused and fresher.
5.Take a moment to stop and think about your priorities, being oprgaised keeps you motivated .
6.Be organized about your goal setting through spreadsheets or an app called wunderlist.
7.Block your time efficiently so to save time, such as it is better to have two appointments on Monday evening , than one Monday evening and one on Tuesday.
8.Have someone to do the tasks which you hate to do eg filing or answering phones.
9.Have good training systems so that your staff train people, so if there is a sudden loss it is easy for your business to produce newly trained staff.
10.Use software to answer that question that is asked of you if you are tired of answering it. Such as use a youtube video on your website or webinars.
11.Keeping on learning will keep you motivated and happy. So try some new technical development or personal development if you’re feeling unmotivated.
12.Work on your weaknesses and eliminate your frustrations. This way you won’t have the same problems two years later.
13.Be business coached or mentored by some one in your industry.
14.Brainstorm on a problem or frustration with staff and colleagues.
15.Don’t let time waster people or things consume your passion.

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