Tips on How to Use LinkedIn

  • It is a free platform to connect with the world professionals.
  • Any business can use LinkedIn, it’s a excellent marketing tool for a broad range of industries.
  • The quality of your connections is more important than the numbers, so try to link professionals that are influential to you and your industry.
  • Personalise, customise and be creative on your personal profile.
  • Building a comprehensive personal profile to present yourself by showing your achievements, good skills, good photos and recommendations.
  • Recommendations help a lot to establish your credibility, which you can get from your clients and colleagues. It is very transparent on LinkedIn, people who write the recommendations can be followed up.
  • To update your blog frequently and to post relevant news and articles on your home page.
  • If needed, updating LinkedIn Account by buying premium functions. The most popular one would be the Recruiter which you can do your recruitment on it.
  • You can also post Ads on LinkedIn to promote your service or products.
  • Answering questions in the discussion forum to bring people’s attention or even set up your own one regarding your profession or other professionals but related to your field.
  • LinkedIn can be your on-line marketing tool, but at the same time developing your off-line marketing strategy is essential too. For instance, attending business networking activities or communicating face to face with new leads.


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