Tips to improve your attitude to money

Let’s talk about attitude to money

If you are interested in improving your attitude to money, here are some tips from a room full of professionals and business people.

  • Purpose. Find a purpose in life and the money will come.
  • Be around it. Be around people who do well financially, their energy will help you.
  • Belief is vital. What you expect will materialise.
  • Be positive. If you think you can’t you won’t.
  • Have a whole life balance. Without success in all areas of your life such as health, body and relationships, your money attitude may not be allowed to flourish.
  • Progression of successes. Keep taking progressive steps so that your money achievements get bigger and bigger. Do it more and it gets easier.
  • Childhood beliefs and value instilled by parents
  • Read some book or listen to audio books people like the Joe Vitale from The secret
  • Write goals and have a plan. Just having written goals and plans puts you ahead of most people. When you know where you want to do or go, you are well on the way.
  • Be a good role model to young people. What your parents said to themselves and to you greatly influences your attitude to money.
  • Get off to a good start. It is great to have good savings habits early in life and a good start to interest compounding early. Starting good habits early makes it easy to avoid undoing bad habits to money.
  • Partner and family influence you. A good family and partner can be that extra gear to you accomplishing more in your money world.
  • Ignore your age. That’s right. You can make money if you are young or old. Even now.
  • Different age priorities count. At different ages it is smart to have different financial priorities such as owning a home, providing for young families, preparing for retirement.
  • Monitor financial success. All you need to do is check on how much your net worth is. Is it where you want it to be going?
  • See ahead. Look ahead to your financial future. Take simple steps such as do not just buy the expensive car without know ing the cost of service and maintenance.
  • Worry about what you want, not what others think. Set your own personal preferences and spending habits independently from others.
  • Spend time on it. With the success formula you can do better. That is, improve your money attitude+ More activity+ better knowledge increases success.
  • Get good advise. Also have mentors. Others can help you and will help you get better results faster.
  • Go easy on the credit. The modern world has many traps in finance and consumer credit. Be wary of too much credit
  • Be investing. Plant your investment trees and they will grow.

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