Use Companies to Minimise Your Tax

Do you know what Adjusted Taxable Income (ATI) is and how important it is? Registering a company may help your business to minimize the ATI while minimize the tax at the same time.

Let me explain that now more and more entitlements are being based on your Adjusted Taxable Income. This is different from your normal taxable income which determines your tax amounts payable such as income tax and Medicare levy. Taxable income is simply income minus deductions.

However Adjusted Taxable Income (ATI) adds items to taxable income such as reportable fringe, benefits, reportable super contributions and net losses on rental properties.

ATI is now used to determine Centrelink benefits such as family benefit payments, whether you are entitled to the 30% government rebate on Hospital Cover Premiums.

So ATI minimisation as well as taxable income is becoming increasingly important. For business owners a simple way to do this is to redirect income into a company.

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