What makes a good accountant?

There are many good attributes of a good accountant here are some of the ones you should be looking for:

  1. your accountant should be familiar with your industry
  2. do they use online software packages such as Xero
  3. do they take the time to understand your situation and business
  4. do they return calls and e-mails within 24 hours
  5. do they help you build wealth
  6. do they help you protect your assets
  7. do they suggest tax savings for the current and future
  8. do they deliver advice on the future and not just the past
  9. are they regularly making suggestions on how you could improve your business processes
  10. do they actually visit you
  11. do they charge less for bookkeeping than they do for accounting and advice
  12. do they have the people skills to communicate well with your business
  13. can they introduce you to new customers, good operators and referral network
  14. are they sensitive to your level of understanding in issues such as bookkeeping taxation and business processes
  15. have a clear engagement letter and arrangement so that there is no unexpected bills
  16. can they help you work on your business rather than just in
  17. make regular suggestions and get creative about your situation
  18. be approachable and accessible
  19. not be overly conservative and encouraging of new ventures
  20. make avenue to communicate easier and provide how to best communicate and provide information to them
  21. provide something for free that can help your business
  22. to help you connect with their other clients
  23. do they leave no stone unturned to minimise your tax

These are just some of the factors you may need to consider in choosing a new accountant.

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