What to post on Facebook for your business?

Successful ways businesses use Facebook?

You may be thinking I have a Facebook page for the business, but not sure may to post on it or how to get likes. Here are some ideas:

  • Something funny
  • Inspirational, famous, and funny quotes. Put them on an image or make a video around them. Ask supporters please share and comment.
  • Pictures of your business or even pets babies.
  • Answer Questions your customers keep asking.
  • Hot topics which are interesting, controversial , fun and engaging so that people comment on it also
  • You can also schedule facebook updates, do them all at the same time and plan them to come out say daily or weeklyhow to schedule a facebook post in future
  • Reply to people comment’s showing buying signals with a call to action like call me on 041603719 to book in.
  • Don’t oversell, only mention a special or sales comment one in seven comments.
  • Set aside the time at least once a week to facebook promote your business and stick to it at least a year.
  • Join Facebook Groups.You may be able to find local area groups you wish to target and interact with them . Answer question about what you sell for free and they may get you leads.
  • Talk to us about outsourcing your social media. I can tell you how it works for me. Call me on 08 83374460 for details.

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