What worked in your business

Revealed -Business owners share their most effective secrets

Many business owners may not necessarily be doing everything right, but they certainly are to people to ask about what does and doesn’t work in the business world.

At our recent business networking event we discussed the topic of what things they did that brought them greatest success in the past year:

  • Delegate tasks which are using your invaluable time poorly. Let more go to staff and other management.
  • Don’t avoid making the tough decisions like wrong staff placements or poor supplier relationship.
  • Exploit your strengths. Do more of what is working for your. Use the same trick. Sometimes there is no need to change.
  • Be open to new opportunities and ideas, but at the same time ty to stick to your original dreams and plans.
  • Brainstorm with staff. Never underestimate the usefulness of talking through what you are doing with key staff. Often they can give you the most invaluable wisdom and it is available right there on tap under your nose.
  • Keep in touch with your network. Expand it too.
  • Be willing to change and adapt in your business. Seek new strategies to get different results.
  • Rebalance your work situation. We all work hard so it is important to let our minds think in different directions completely different from our work brain. Let yourself have fun designing a new house, garden and lounge room furniture, Doing something different makes us happy and accomplished.

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