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Your body is vital to your business!

By Romeo Caporaso | June 19, 2019

ways to look after yourself when in business It may be easy to forget about looking after your health in this busy modern world, but we need our healthy body to do everything. So it makes sense to look after it, as it is a conduit to all our successes in life. Here are some…

Life success tips

By Romeo Caporaso | June 19, 2019

Tips to getting more success Here are some sure fire ways to improve your success in any aspect of your life. Work on yourself, take steps to improve and commit to great results Define what you want as success. Fix your weaknesses Set goals in your own words Have a mission statement Have a life…

What to review in your marketing for quick results

By Romeo Caporaso | June 19, 2019

What to fix first in your marketing review If you want to improve your marketing and not sure whee to start, here are some juicer places to start: Review your forms and brochures. Ask yourself if they are being used enough and well? Are they easy to use for staff and clients? Are they easy…

Top business advice

By Romeo Caporaso | June 14, 2019

What business owners say is their best advice When we asked business owners their greatest lessons learned or best business advice they said:   Stick to running one business in the early days Get your price right, not too low and not too high Make the hard decisions early Surround yourself with the right people,…

Tips to improve your attitude to money

By Romeo Caporaso | May 16, 2019

Let’s talk about attitude to money If you are interested in improving your attitude to money, here are some tips from a room full of professionals and business people. Purpose. Find a purpose in life and the money will come. Be around it. Be around people who do well financially, their energy will help you.…

A simple lesson if new to employing staff

By Romeo Caporaso | May 16, 2019

A simple lesson if new to employing staff Many of you may be thinking about employing staff and not sure what it entails. There are many good things to make staff work well. Here are some of the main aspects of your payroll and accounting. To start with you need to choose and engage people.…

Learn more about Xero

By Romeo Caporaso | March 18, 2019

Find Xero Tv here

We Have All Your Business Tax Accounting Covered!

By Romeo Caporaso | January 19, 2019

Running a business can be time consuming and if you are like most business owners, you want to spend your time improving sales and looking at the big picture. Your relationship with your accountant should provide you with clarity and satisfaction that you are structured in a way that best suits your circumstances and sheds…

How A Registered Tax Agent Can Help You This Financial Year

By Romeo Caporaso | January 19, 2019

You may believe your tax agent’s sole purpose is helping you with your tax return at the end of the financial year, however this is only part of the services they usually offer. In most cases and depending on your circumstances, they are able to offer valued support in other ways. Here are some of…

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