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23 ways to lose clients fast

Is losing clients or customers a challenge for you a the moment? here are some tips on what not to do. Broken promises Fail to deliver or an inflated sales process Changing your own business owner structure or change in ownership structure of the clients Perceived high price for value Poor service Slow to respond…

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11 ways of getting new Leads

Quick tips on getting new leads Our business owners meet up recently discussed quick ways of getting new leads. Their ideas included: A well worded cold call e-mail which makes it obvious that you are a local train your staff well on what is a good lead and what to say to help convert the…

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Using Technology as an Ally in Business

Good businesses use technology well. I guess we would have all seen a few changes lately with things like the internet, social media or even our smart phones massively changing our lives. With more technology we are seeing more comfort in our fast paced lives whether we are driving, watching television or running our businesses.…

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Book keeping what to do in the new financial year

What to do at the start of the new financial year Here is a simple checklist to make sure you start your new financial year well and with good bookkeeping. Happy new financial year from Tax Accounting Adelaide. For help with your new financial new year call for an appointment on 08 83374460 or book…

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Do’s and Don’t For your business website

Tip and traps your your website Here are some tips from our business networking discussion on the topic of what to do and not do on your business website. The DOs Having a video on your home page can be an innovative point of difference in your industry and show you as superior to your…

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